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TBS Bet is a Philippines online gambling company provider and is one of the global leading online gambling company provider with more than 19 million customers in over two hundred countries. TBS Bet main focus as an online gambling company offers sports betting, poker, casino, games, and bingo, along with video streams on main sporting events.

TBS Bet was founded in year 2000 in the Philippines and they start off by developing sports betting platform to launch their online gambling business in March 2001. TBS Bet took a USD 15 million loan from the local bank to start off their project and in year 2005 with great progress in their online gambling venture they paid off the loan.

TBS Bet has gain great success over the years and has become one of the largest online gambling enterprise globally with its reported figures showing USD 12.2 billion wagered on sports, revenues of USD 646 million and an operating profit of USD 116.5 million.

Live Betting With TBS Bet

TBS Bet offers products that allows their clients to place bets on events that are taking place, with a wide range of live odds cater for different markets. TBS Bet are always improving their products with the most recent implementation of its vFabric private cloud. With the use of this technology, their IT infrastructure can handle up to thousand of changes per second, and the data latency has decreased to less than two seconds.

With this development it has enabled TBS Bet to deliver a smooth and stable continuous stream of real-time information whilst simultaneously receiving and processing large amounts of incoming customer data. Allowing TBS Bet to provide customer’s with great gambling experience for sports, casino, slots and gambling games.

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